Thursday, July 28, 2005

You have transferable skills!

Show Notes:

Host: Jim Hughes, Christian Life Coach

All of us have transferable skills. Transferable skills are not about expertise, knowledge, or experience. Transferable skills are the basic ways that we get whatever we have to do done.

We each have favorite transferable skills -- our favorite ways to get things done. That's part of the special way God made us.

You can determine what your favorite skills are by writing stories about a problem or goal that you faced. The story should tell what the goal was, what the obstacles were, then step by step very specifically what you did, and finally what the result was. You should pick times when you really enjoyed what you did and were pleased with the results.

For a detailed description of how to write and process the stories, and for a list of the physical, information, and people skills, see this link on my "Making Career Changes" blog. While you're there, you might find other posts that are helpful as well.


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