Monday, June 20, 2005

Consumerism and Self Esteem

Show Notes:

Host: Jim Hughes, Christian Life Coach

Sign in the mall: "Because where you live defines who you are."

Our culture is dominated by consumerism. Advertising and marketing are doing their best to define the sources of our self esteem -- from cars to clothes to pots and pans.

Is it true that where you live defines who you are?
  • When I say I live in Houston, do you immediately think of a stereotypical Texan?
  • Don't we often judge people by where they live?
The real truth is that no house, no car, and no clothes can make any one of us better than we are. Buying things does not define who we are.

God defines who we are. And our allegiance to God -- or our allegiance to idols of this world.

May we be known as God's children -- may that define who we are.


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